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ATOM8 smart home

ATOM8 smart home account is the one place where you can track all your orders placed on ATOM8 will be shown. Our home automation products come in 4 different categories namely – Smart switch 2 node, smart switch 4 node, smart plug 10A, smart plug 16a and all these are Wi-Fi operable and don’t require special hub/controller. Use your Android/iOS smartphone to remotely control your existing home appliances smartly from any part of the world. You can also set up custom schedules which fit your routine and make your life more comfortable and scenes to adjust the lighting according to your mood. Do all this and more at really affordable prices . Our product range starts from 1199 Rs only, use your ATOm8 smart home account to place orders and most importantly you can buy one piece to automate one room and then slowly make your whole home automate. Add devices when you want to and don’t worry about rented or own homes as comfort of ATOM8 can be carried on wherever you go and how you wish.

Why ATOM8? There are a lot of home automation companies in the market today?

  1. Affordable and product range starts @ 1199 Rs.
  2. Make in India by passionate engineers to provide affordable home automation
  3. Manufacturing guarantee of 1 year.
  4. No flicker in your appliances like. other brands
  5. our smart devices retain their on/off state when there is a power cut.