About Us


Know ATOM8 Smart homes! ATOM8 designs and manufactures advanced and affordable smart home products.

The company was founded in 2018 to make affordable home automation possible. We aim to bring AI into smart homes with the ultimate vision

“Serves You Like Humans Do”.

Affordable Home Automation India

ATOM8 is


Automation in not just about our smart home products but everywhere within our company which ensures highest quality of products delivered to our end customers.

  • Automated Manufacturing.

  • 100 Hours of Automated Testing of all devices.

  • Complete automated testing of our software.


Our aim is to provide the most affordable smart home products to everyone and our mission starts with customers in mind and ends with customers.

Target A Problem

First step of any of our journey is to find a problem extensively faced by our customers.

Engineer and Design

Get to the drawing boards, design and engineer products that would solve the customer problem.


Manufacture the product and test it with our set of pilot customers to ensure it solves their problem.


Scale operations to reach to the masses at an affordable price and provide excellent support.



We do a lot of things daily that we call ‘Chores’. Some people enjoy them as they are ‘Stress Busters,’ while most loathe them and do it because they have to which include cooking, cleaning the house or waiting and coordinating with maids to get the house cleaned, folding washed clothes, keep track of your groceries and refresh them from time to time, etc… Atom8’s vision is to build robots that would handle the ‘Chores’ for you and make your time and daily life more pleasant and enjoyable. It’s our mission and we will move ‘Step By Step ferociously’ toward make this vision a reality.